Gwenpool Returns In West Coast Avengers

.Gwenpool will be returning to Marvel Comics in late August.  Gwenpool fans, who were disappointed to see her solo title canceled earlier this year, can now rejoice to the news that their favorite fourth wall breaking female superhero will be returning to the pages of Marvel Comics in West Coast Avengers.

Gwenpool will not be staring in her own solo adventure this time.  Instead she will be joining Hawkeye, Hawkeye, America Chavez, Kid Omega, and Johnny as part of the West Coast Avengers.  This team will most likely focus on and be led by Hawkeye.  I hope their first order of business will be to differentiate between the two Hawkeyes.

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Marvel’s new line up for Marvel Fresh Start looks surprisingly promising with a back to basics feel.  From Marvel’s Fresh Start we will be getting the return of Tony Stark, the Fantastic Four, and a relatable Peter Parker.  With all the exciting changes coming out of Marvel Fresh Start, is there much hope for a book like West Coast Avengers?

There is definitely a niche for this team and these characters.  Marvel has a fan base that love these lighter stories that are more fun and not about the world ending on a daily basis. America Chavez’s book may have been canceled but that was not out of lack of love for the character, but due to the writing.  Gwenpool is a fan favorite and has many people that will be happy to see her return.  And Hawkeye’s title survived Marvel 2.0.

When it comes to Marvel there is always a possibility that anything without Spider-Man, Iron Man, or a movie coming out might be cancelled.  West Coast Avengers is going to need the support of its fans if cancellation is to be avoided.  Marvel will need to do a good job of promoting this book so that it reaches its fan base that has been waiting for characters such as Gwenpool and America Chavez to return.  Here’s to hoping for a good read with beautiful art that we can all call a fun time.

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