Iron Fist Is the New Avenger?

After Avengers 4 it is unlikely we will see Iron Man.  After Thanos, we definitely need a team of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.  But how are the Avengers going to get funding? Could it be Iron Fist is the New Avenger?

Cancellation Won’t Stop Him

A couple of days ago Netflix did not renew Iron Fist for a season 3.  Iron Fist is known as Netflix’s worse Marvel series.  However, season 2 was a much improvement to the long and dull story for season 1.  So much so that Iron Fist is Netflix’s most improved show.

Yet, Netflix decided to cancel the show.  But Iron Fist isn’t going to accept defeat.  Both Netflix and Marvel said Iron Fist will live on.  So, Netflix could still put him in the other Netflix Marvel shows.  But I think there is something bigger going on here.  Netflix has already renewed Jessica Jones Season 3 and is likely to renew Luke Cage.  Sure Iron Fist might have been canceled so he can appear in Luke Cage and they kill two birds for the price of one

Or could it have been because Marvel tried to stop them?

Disney’s New Streaming Service

Disney is working on a new streaming service that will house many of the Disney properties including Marvel movies and TV Show.  Even though the Marvel Movies are going to Netflix shortly after the DVD release, that is set to end and no more Marvel Movies will appear on Netflix after Ant-Man and the Wasp.

So, what is going to be on this new streaming service for Marvel Fans?  Marvel TV Shows and Movies.  Disney has announced shows for the lesser MCU characters such as Scarlet Witch and Loki.  This could be a perfect fit for the Netflix characters and other street level characters fans have requested.

Iron Fist’s Role in the MCU

As mentioned earlier, the Avengers will need money.  Currently the Avengers have been disband/ disassembled.  And since they will likely not be a governmental entity, they will need funding.  In the MCU it was Iron Man that was bank rolling the Avengers.  But Robert Downey Jr. is not likely to show up again to fund the team.  Enter Iron Fist.

Iron Fist, majority owner of the Rand Corporation, has the means to put a team together.  Just like in Brian Michael Bendis’ 2010 New Avengers, it doesn’t have to be a big team saving the world on a global scale.  But a team gathered to handle the problems to big for just one of them.

The New Avengers could act as an intermediary Avengers team to help introduce new characters to the MCU before the next “event” or threat appears that forces Earth to need a bigger team.

MCU Has Taken B Level  Characters And Upgraded

Them To A Listers

Although Iron Fist is the least popular character of the Netflix Marvel shows, that wouldn’t stop Marvel from turning him into a star.  Phase 4 is a new beginning for Marvel and just as they did in Phase 1 they can take the lesser characters and make them shine.  At the time when the MCU started its rooster was not so popular in the comics.  But with a good vision properly executed Marvel Studios made them all stars and mainstays in the comics.

Iron Fist already has a leg up on Iron Man for 2008 in the fact that the general population already knows him, so it wouldn’t be impossible to elevate his status to A list star.  Because of Marvel’s shows on the streaming service staring other Movie stars the line between movie star and tv star is beginning to fade.  So there would be know reason to keep the TV and movie actors away from each other.  Although I believe in the past that was more about Marvel not wanting to share with Netflix or vice versa.

Would They Move All the Netflix Characters Over?

With the announcement that starting with Captain Marvel no more Marvel Movies will be going to Netflix, and the fact that Disney will have their own streaming service; it seems clear Disney is trying to separate from Netflix.  Just as they fought to get their properties back form Fox I believe they will continue to try and take back everything that is theirs and handle everything in house.

It is likely soon we will get to see some of the street level characters appear in the Marvel movies.  Whereas all we get now are the shows referring to the movies and the movies ignoring them.  Comment here or find us on Facebook to let us know if you think Iron Fist is the New Avenger.

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