Netflix Cancels Iron Fist

On October 12, it was reported by that Netflix Cancels Iron Fist.

Iron Fist – Marvel’s First Netflix Show to Be Cancelled

The MCU has been putting out hit after hit with no one questioning their ability to put out great movies.  Although the Netflix shows share the same universe, they are not run the same.

The Marvel Netflix shows have been fan favorites and have had pretty good reviews.  The worse one of them being Season 1 of Iron Fist.  Iron Fist Season 2 debuted, September 7, 2018, just a month before its cancellation.  While it still doesn’t compare to Netflix’s Daredevil, Season 2 of Iron Fist was a huge improvement from season 1. Apparently Iron Fist is Netflix’s most improved show.

Netflix Cancels Good Shows

As Season 2 of Iron Fist revealed that the show could improve, Netflix decided to cancel it.  This wouldn’t be the first time Netflix has canceled a popular show.

Other Popular Shows Netflix has Canceled:

  • The Get Down
  • Sense8
  • Everything Sucks
  • Seven Seconds
  • Lady Dynamite

Young JusticeDespite this fact, fans of TV shows quickly turn to Netflix anytime a network channel cancels their show.  This was most notably done in the comic book community to have Netflix bring back Young Justice Season 3.  Although it was Netflix that granted fans request.  Netflix has brought life back into previously cancelled shows.  For that reason, fans have already started a petition to ask Netflix to renew Iron Fist Season 3.  But for all we know maybe the price of Iron Fist Season 3 has gone out as a way for Disney to cancel the show…

Iron Fist Will Live On

Fans of Iron fist should not worry.  Marvel and Netflix have both said that the Iron Fist will leave on.  If we hear the Luke Cage Season 3 renewal announcement, which is expected any day now, Danny Rand could find himself in Luke Cage.  If Netflix doesn’t renew Luke Cage Season 3, that still does not mean the end of these characters.  There is still Defenders or even a possible Heroes for Hire 😉.

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