Venom Movie Review

Venom Movie Review

This Venom Movie Review will contain some spoilers. Venom (2018) was released October 5, 2018, the same time as 2018’s remake of A Star is Born starring Lady Gaga, and her fans insisted her movie do better. Venom went up against A Star is Born and won. However, I don’t know if Venom is the better movie.



I went in to see Venom having seen none of the trailers, because I wanted to go in clean. Like many fans, I didn’t have much faith in Sony and don’t believe they are aware on how to properly build a universe.

We saw from The Amazing Spider-Man 2 that they are quick to shoehorn in all of their characters that they are going to use. I was pleased to see that this movie did not. So pleased that I saw this movie twice this weekend. Mostly because I thought it was good enough that it deserved my support.


Venom’s Opening Weekend Compared

Venom’s $80 million opening domestic weekend grossed more than Ant-Man and the Wasp did in the US for its opening weekend. We will have to wait until next week to see how well it hold up popularity or will Lady Gaga fans be willing to take another trip to see A Star is Born.

I normally don’t like to get off topic with non-comic book related things. But to be honest I saw part of A Star is Born. And I have got to say that it looked really good. The clip that I watched showed way more chemistry between their lovers than we got between Eddie Brock and Anne Weying.

With a budget of only $100 million Venom has already made back its money when you factor in the additional $127 million in the foreign market. This alone makes it a better return than Justice League. Not that that is a big accomplishment.


Venom vs Spider-Man 3

Venom’s first theatrical appearance was in 2007’s Spider-Man 3, which was considered by many fans as a horrible train wreck. Venom in this movie was aesthetically more pleasing. He had the bigger build that Venom is known for in the comic. The only praise that I would give Spider-Man 3 over Venom, is that the Eddie Brock character has more of a comic accurate background.


Lethal Protector

Venom Lethal Protector seems to be the main comic book reference for the Venom Movie. Lethal Protector helped set the stage for Venom to be in San Francisco. The movie compares to Lethal Protector also in the fact that Venom became as the title suggests a vigilante for the city willing to kill bad guys. That was one of the things That I questioned about this movie. How can they let Eddie Brock be public his identity as Venom? That seems a little vague he didn’t tell everyone. But quite a few people know that he “has a parasite”.
The main thing Lethal Protector had that the Venom movie didn’t was Spider-Man.

Is Spider-Man in the Sony Universe?

It can’t be said that Spider-Man isn’t in the universe for sure. My guess is that he isn’t. I don’t base my opinion solely on the fact that Spider-Man was missing. Instead, I believe he isn’t apart of the universe because he was removed from all of Venom’s back story.

In the movie it was stated that Venom was run out of New York, and that he had to stop working for the Daily Globe. While the Daily Globe may have been in the comics, it would have made more sense to me for them to mention the Daily Bugle, the more famous news outlet. I believe that was to remove notions of Peter Parker, as Peter Parker is famously known as working for the Daily Bugle.

One of the bigger arguments that Spider-Man is not intended to be in this Universe is the fact that Venom got the Symbiote and Spider-Man like powers without Spider-Man being involve. This was a major departure from the comics as Spider-Man having the symbiote first is what gave it those powers. Also, the shared hatred for Spider-Man was the major driving force for Venom in the comics.


Thoughts on The Movie

Well you did come here for my review of the movie and here it is… The movie was good. Simply that. I can’t call it great and I won’t call it bad. It was not what I was expecting. But I was surprised to find that it was a comedy.
The worse thing about this movie was the timing. It took what felt like half of the movie for them to set everything up, which felt very boring. It was a lot of set up that wasn’t very deep. A lot of the characters were basic in nature. They spent too much time trying to develop everyone. That led to the ending of the movie feeling very rushed.

The Villain

I liked Riz Ahmed’s character, Carlton Drake. I don’t think they should have had Riot be Venom’s first bad guy. They made plans for Carnage to be the next villain but if Venom didn’t produce Riot what’s to say he will produce Carnage? Also, I think Riot and the other 4 symbiotes from the Lethal Protector story would have been a nice follow up after Carnage. Or if they are before Carnage they should have all been present not just Riot.


The Mid Credit Scene

Woody Harrelson was in a red wig, which is revealed to be Cletus Cassidy, Carnage. This suggests Carnage will be the next villain. This also seems to have shot the price of Amazing Spider-Man 361 up.
I didn’t like this scene with Cassidy because I thought it was too on the nose. There should have been a more subtle hint at Carnage. It didn’t even made sense for Cassidy to call for Brock and tell him “There will be Carnage” To me that just seems way out of left field.

Please let share your thoughts on this movie in the comments below.

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